The DBC Team has a combined total of more than 20 years of experience in planning events.  Each member has worked within the Hospitality and Travel industry and brings the negotiation skills, attention to details, project management and creativity that have made them successful. 

The Team has a unique mix of personalities but we all have one thing in common...we believe in doing business with the utmost care and attention.  You'll feel comfortable the moment we pick up the phone. 

So meet our team:

Meet Donna

Donna's smile brightens up any situation.  Her bubbly personality and attentive eye will put anyone at ease.  She has over 20 years of experience working at some of South Florida's premier resorts as well as many years working with The Bahamas.  She has an eye for style... bold yet sophisticated, chic yet charming. She is also a mother whose cakes will someday be featured in some fancy bridal magazine.

Meet Cecile

Cecile makes every person she meets feel relaxed and comfortable.  The minute you meet Cecile you too will agree. She does something that most people claim to do but really don't and that is LISTEN to what the other person is saying. The fact that she has a calming effect on others and situations means that ensures that every details works in perfect harmony.    She has over 20 years of experience working with one of the top convention and visitors bureaus and she enjoys working with brides.

Meet Bridgette

Bridgette is a barrel of laughs.  Her wit and creativity are the characteristics her friends most like.  She is caring and very sensitive to others needs.  She will take your event as personal commitment and you will feel like she is your very own assistant.